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We would love to partner with you if you’d like to serve NUMU in your restaurant and we work with many leading distributors.  Please send us a message via the Contact Us page of our web site and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

NUMU is solely focused on serving the food service community and, as such, we do not yet sell product online.

NUMU is solely focused on serving the food service community and, as such, we are not available at grocery stores.

Ethics &

NUMU is made with all non-GMO ingredients, many of which are also organic.  Although NUMU is not certified organic, NUMU sources only the highest quality, ethically harvested, animal-slave free, non-GMO ingredients available (excludes anticaking agent used in trace amounts)

It takes approximately one gallon of milk to make one pound of dairy mozzarella. That one pound of mozzarella requires an estimated 1,950 gallons of water.  Plant-based cheese requires far less water usage which is overall better for the planet.


NUMU was inspired by a desire to help the planet and animals and a frustration with the bad vegan cheeses for pizza.  Our founder worked with leading New York city pizzerias to create the best plant-based mozzarella for food service.

We are selectively hiring for certain areas.  Please use the Contact Us section to send us a message if you’re interested in joining the NUMU team.

We would love to engage if you are interested in investing in NUMU.  Please use the Contact Us section to send us a message.

We are working on creating a media kit.  In the meantime, please reach out via the Contact Us page to obtain specific materials.


Use NUMU as you would use dairy mozzarella.  For pizza, we suggest using 4 – 5 ounces on a 12” pizza crust.

Each bag of NUMU has a date code printed on the package which indicates the best by date.  We would recommend sticking to that date.


Soy is one of the secondary ingredients in NUMU.



Yes – NUMU does not contain any lactose.

We have found soy protein to provide a superior functionality and texture when compared to other plant proteins.  Our mission is the make the best plant-based mozzarella and we have found soy as a great vehicle to deliver on that promise.

No. There is a trace amount of anticaking agent made from potatoes that is applied after the cheese is shredded to help prevent the individual shreds from sticking together.  This ingredient is not non-GMO certified.

NUMU will be certified kosher by summer 2023.